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I am running the latest Ubuntu 11.10 system up-to-date with gnome-shell version 3.1.5 I've tried to install noally and poweroption extensions to gnome-shell via extracting them to ./local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

I've restarted the UI and also the comp many times, i've also modified the metadata for the gnome-shell version to 3.1.5 per each extension but no signs of the extension working.


using the looking glass I found errors which say that it couldn't load each of the extensions because they are not compatible with the version of gnome shell or gjs

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You have to enable the extensions using gnome-tweak-toolInstall gnome-tweak-tool.

If you continue to get errors, please remember the the version of GNOME Shell in the repositories is a bit behind because of the fact that this version of Ubuntu is still in development, and not all packages are up to date as yet.

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