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I was using Ubuntu 9.10 version and today I want to upgrade to 10.10.

I updated my ubuntu 9.10 with this commands:

sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop 
sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade 
update-manager -d

But when I opened update manager I couldn't see button for upgrading to 10.10 (or 10.04) will be available.

How can I upgrade now?

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Go to System->Administration->Software Sources, go to the tab Updates, set the Release upgrade to Normal releases then restart the Update Manager, that should solve the problem.

You can't upgrade to 10.10 directly, you'll have to upgrade to 10.04 and then upgrade to 10.10.

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i solved thanks a lot :) – nursel Oct 12 '10 at 12:38

No, upgrade is only possible to the immediately following release except in the case of a LTS release, when direct upgrade from one LTS to the following is allowed. You have to first upgrade to 10.04 and then to 10.10.

The command update-manager -d is used for upgrading to a development version. Since both 10.04 and 10.10 have been released to public, you cannot upgrade to either of them using that command.

Your update-manager must be showing the button for upgrading to 10.04 when you start it normally(ie without the "-d" option). If you don't want to reinstall then use that button to upgrade to 10.04 version first and then upgrade to maverick in the same way.

share|improve this answer's possible. It's just a really bad idea. – maco Oct 11 '10 at 18:01
Firstly upgrading 10.04 then 10.10 took hours. It was really bad idea :/ – nursel Oct 12 '10 at 13:13
Three release-upgrades in three consecutive days took me to karmic from hardy, but I used crontab to download the packages during night. – jumbli Oct 13 '10 at 0:53

i would advise that you download ubuntu 10.10 , burn it to a CD and then run it. (BUT BACK UP ALL OF YOUR DATA FIRST)

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I know, it is the best way, but I have both windows 7 and Ubuntu operating systems on my PC. I was afraid of erase windows 7 during insallation. – nursel Oct 24 '10 at 20:19

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