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I can output a single key-value, as per the following example:

gconftool-2 --get /apps/panel/applets/clock_screen0/object_type

How can I dump the entire gconf database? ... Key-names and Values

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To list all keys and values:

gconftool-2  --recursive-list /

To list all keys and values in xml format:

gconftool-2  --dump /

See man gconftool-2 for more info.

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Thanks Andrew... I took a coffee-break too soon... The blurr of unfamiliar man navigation was starting to make things look like all ones and zeroes... but I manage to rally with the caffeine, and tried again and finally found the first one (at least)... and it's good you have pointed --dump; I might have stopped hunting, as I'm due for anothe cuppa. :) – Peter.O Oct 11 '10 at 4:08

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