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I use Alt+F2 a lot in Gnome 2. But when I enter, say, fir it sometimes freezes for up to ten seconds in order to complete it to firefox. Sometimes, it completes, even got the icon loaded, but does not let me click on run. After a few seconds it just launches the program since I already clicked the button.

Is there any way to un-freeze this?

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This seems to be the Bug 133243 tracked at Gnome Bugzilla.

Ross Girshick made a theory trying to explain why this happens and proposed some solutions that needs to be made at the code of the app.

"The problem here, as noted, is that in order to fill g_complete every file in the user's path is access'd and stat'd. This happens once everytime the run dialog is created. On some systems this takes a long time to complete (10-20 seconds on my old PIII 650 latop with gentoo). However, once the kernel has cached the inodes it is much faster to run in the future."

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