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Possible Duplicate:
I upgraded from 10.10 beta - am I now running the official (non development) version?

I have this sinking feeling that my system isn't fully upgraded to the released 10.10. If nothing else I am missing the Ubuntu Font Family. It just feels like some things aren't updating. I don't know if from release to release, beta to LTS, there aren't that many updates but I certainly haven't been seeing long lists when I start my update manager.

I just don't feel like I'm upgraded/updated to the LTS 10.10. How can I check? And if not, how can I update?

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Open a terminal and type:

cat /etc/issue

If it still shows 10.04, you can upgrade by going to System > Administration > Update Manager > Settings... > set "Show New Distribution Releases" to "Normal Releases" > Close > Check. Now you should see the button for upgrading to 10.10.

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What's the output of running apt-cache policy ttf-ubuntu-font-family in a terminal?

Most likely you've changed your font settings a some point. Upgrades will not over-write preferences that the user has changed. If you've been using Maverick since Beta or RC, as long as you've been upgrading regularly, you have the final release.

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