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I'm a newbie in linux. I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 (64 bit).

I want to install gfortran (GCC). They sugest to run testsuites first. Then I installed Dejagnu. I have found in

some instructions. I followed them up. However, when trying

runtest --tool gcc --srcdir ./testsuite test/testfile.exp

I get

cannot trap SIGSEGV
    while executing
"trap { send_user "\nsegmentation violation\n"; exit 1 } SIGSEGV"
    (file "/usr/local/bin/../lib/dejagnu/runtest.exp" line 31)

Could you help me to get started with the gcc testsuite? Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Dr. Lautaro Vergara

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In order to install gfortran Install NAME, you do not need to run any test suites. Just go to the software center, search for gfortran and install it (or click on the little package icon in the previous sentence).

Same goes for dejagnu Install NAME -- if you really need it you do not have to compile and install it yourself, just use Ubuntu's package manager.

You can find a lot of information on installing software for Ubuntu here:

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Thanks. I'll do that. Best. L. Vergara – Lautaro Vergara Aug 24 '11 at 14:16

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