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I've just installed ubuntu 11.04 64 bit and the gui feels really slow and choppy. Running glxgears for example feels like I'm killing my pc because everything becomes really choppy and it looks like I don't even get 1 fps in glxgears. But in the console it says i get about 4.200 fps.

I've tried installing the latest driver manually with this guide: It didn't help.

I also tried this: Didn't help either.

So right now I have Catalyst 11.5 installed via the x-updates ppa.

If you have any ideas, then please help me because at the moment my ubuntu installation is hardly usable (oh, btw. reinstalling it didn't help).

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I Also have issues with slow gui and video on my ati athlon64 system the solution I have found to work best is to modify this file /etc/pulse/

find this line

load-module module-udev-detect

and replace it with this

load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your answer. I tried this but it didn't change anything and so I changed it back to load-module module-udev-detect and did another another reboot. Somehow compiz runs smoothly now and (almost) everything is fine and I can watch 1080p videos with vlc again for example. But certain things, like changing the desktop wallpaper or running glxgears/fgl-glxgears are still very slow and choppy. – lukad Aug 24 '11 at 8:05

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