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How can I create a private cloud computing environment using ubuntu; I have installed ubuntu desktop and tried converting to ubuntu-server.

What commands or steps that i need to follow to setup a basic version of cloud computing that can be exposed to external users (internet)

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To install a private cloud you need the hardware and networking infrastructure to run a cloud (Recommended at least 6 servers and gigabit networking) and Ubuntu Server:

This wiki page will outline the step by step instructions on setting up your own private cloud. Canonical also offers this as a commercial service if it's too daunting for your organization.

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Cloud computing usally faces more than only one Node. Open Source solutions for Cloud computing are: - Eucalyptus has an interface mostly compatible with Amazon EC2 (Used in Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud) - OpenStack provides an Infrastructure as a Service (new default for Ubuntu)

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The ownCloud project was created to allow easy maintenance of your own private server providing common "cloud" type services. Features include:

Current features: file management, WebDAV access, share via public link, music streaming, users & groups, OpenID, LDAP

In development: sharing, encryption, calendar, contacts, etc., desktop sync client, Android & webOS apps, server-server sync

Planned: file editing, versioning & recovery, connecting to other services


It is available in Ubuntu repositories as the owncloud package, though since it is under such active development that version is now slightly outdated - instructions to install the latest version can be found in the Administrators Manual.

There is also a blog, and a Q&A site similar to AskUbuntu.

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