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Recenly I noticed that system monitor can't start anymore, removing it with conf and installing it again didn't help, after running debug I get this:

** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): DEBUG: [1,117 procman.cpp:695 main] post gtk_init
** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): DEBUG: [1,125 procman.cpp:733 main] end init
** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): DEBUG: [1,144 smooth_refresh.cpp:68 load_gconf_value] smooth_refresh is enabled
** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): DEBUG: [1,144 procman.cpp:738 main] begin create_main_window
** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): DEBUG: [1,253 util.cpp:220 load_symbols] Found libselinux.so.1
** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): DEBUG: [1,253 util.cpp:236 load_symbols] Loaded getpidcon from libselinux.so.1
** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): DEBUG: [1,253 util.cpp:236 load_symbols] Loaded freecon from libselinux.so.1
** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): DEBUG: [1,253 util.cpp:236 load_symbols] Loaded is_selinux_enabled from libselinux.so.1

** (gnome-system-monitor:9233): WARNING **: SELinux was found but is not enabled.

All I've found by searching the last line in google is some old bug from 2008.

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Is this still an issue Rey? –  Oli Feb 27 '12 at 16:44
i changed to 11.10 and it's fine :) –  Rey Mar 24 '12 at 15:43

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