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I have reinstalled 11.04 and want to sync my files on Ubuntu One back to my PC - how do I do this ??????? When I sign on to my account it does not sync automatically - if I put file on my PC Ubuntu One folder it syncs them with the cloud - BIT will NOT give me my files from the cloud.

How do I sync the files from the cloud to the PC?

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Hey Paul, did Allan's suggestion yield any new insight? – Jjed Jan 19 '12 at 20:42

Hi paul I'm not sure exactly what the situation is with your U1 Account however there is an app that will help you find out.

Its called Magicicada and it gives you visual feed back about what the U1 daemon is actually doing and if there are any errors.

You will need to add a ppa to install the program What are ppa's and how do I use them

add this ppa:chicharreros/ppa and update your sources

then install sudo apt-get install magicicada or youcan install it from the software centre

If you find any errors add it to your question.

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