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I want to add Hamster applet to my Ubuntu 11.04 installation, I am not able to right click panel and add applet to it.

Please let me know the exact method.

Sorry, But I am novice to linux.


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Unity Panel (Unity is new interface for Ubuntu 11.04 with new top panel) doesn't support applets for GNOME Panel.

You can use Hamster Indicator (package hamster-indicator) from Alberto Milone's PPA repository


More information here:

There is a lot of indicators, many of them have same funtionality as applets for GNOME Panel in ubuntu 10.10 and older.

List of indicators -- List of Application indicators

If you want to add a indicator to the Unity Panel, you have to install it and then run as a normal applications (from menu or via terminal), you can't add it using right click on panel.

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Good news: Hamster-indicator is coming to Precise, so you won't need to use the PPA. Thanks to Alberto, bojo42, and Jamie!

Bug #686062 “FFe: hamster-applet should have appindicator suppor...” : Bugs : “hamster-applet” package : Ubuntu

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