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I recently installed kubuntu on a very old iMac (self contained unit, no tower, G2?) 800mhz.

The xubuntu installation went well from the mini cd. I installed the kubuntu desktop package (at the installer window). I restarted and I see a black screen with white text, asking if I want to boot off Linux or the cd. It changes to white, then to black screen white text. It says something about a yaboot loader and it pauses for a few seconds then it changes to another screen that has a white screen with black text. It says something about prom_init. It changes to a blue screen that says "Kubuntu" and has dots at the bottom. It appears to be loading until...

The screen turns black (with a blacklight) and flickers purple and red. The backlight turns off, and it stays there forever. I can't hear any disk activity. I tried pressing alt+F2 to F12. Nothing pops up. I was doing a fresh install of xubuntu. If I hold down the shift key during startup nothing changes. There is no grub menu, I booted from the cd and tried to find the recovery menu, none. No login sounds. I tried pressing "e" nothing changes with the startup.

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I had to reinstall Xubuntu because the installation was half-finished and corrupted.

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