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Possible Duplicate:
VLC is set to open the folders (Home, desktop, documents etc) in the Places menu. How to reset this?
Opening a Nautilus bookmark launches VLC / browser

I start Ubuntu One to check my documents in my personal cloud. Then I follow tab "cloud" and link "Documents". This results in starting VLC and showing the directory content as if it were a play-list. I would expect Nautulis to start (To be able to browse through my files).

Somehow it seems to be a wrong or corrupted file association, but where to check of change this?

p.s. I'am a non-computer literate.

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Since you are new ;-) Check the links I posted: you have or somehing probably set 'open with' to VLC for 'folders'. – Rinzwind Aug 21 '11 at 13:14