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I'm packaging php-savant3 using dh-make-pear in Lucid, which makes use of CDBS's pear.mk.

Savant uses its own pear channel, which I cannot configure in the build chroot (be it pbuilder, sbuild or your favorite chroot) using debian/rules.

However, I see that the pear command launched by CDBS is:

    /usr/bin/pear \
            -c debian/pearrc \
            -d include_path=/usr/share/php \
            -d php_bin=/usr/bin/php \
            -d bin_dir=/usr/bin \
            -d php_dir=/usr/share/php \
            -d data_dir=/usr/share/php/data \
            -d doc_dir=/usr/share/php/docs \
            -d test_dir=/usr/share/php/tests \
            install --offline --nodeps -P $(DEB_DESTDIR) $(PEAR_SOURCE_DIR)/package.xml

which suggests that some parameters can be overridden in debian/pearrc. I have tried putting the register key for the Servant channel in debian/pearrc but it doesn't work. Is there a way I can tell pear what this channel is about so that it doesn't crash the build in the chroot?

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