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I'm trying to use Aqemu and I'm trying to figure out how to just have the network in the virtual machine connected to a tap device on the real machine. How do I set this up? Do I need to make the tap device before hand? What should I set in Aqemu?

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You may want to see my question here:

QEMU networking problems when trying to get it to connect with the host (bridging not working)

which may include some answers to your question.

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Go to the network tab.

Pick "Basic" for "Network Settings GUI type".

For the network card "Connection Mode", pick "Open a TUN/TAP interface".

Make sure "TUN/TAP Script" is unchecked.

Put in an interface name.

After you start the VM, you need to set the TAP interface as started.

 sudo ifconfig tap1 up

You will probably also want to add IP addresses to the interface:

ip addr add dev tap1
#ipv6 example
ip -6 addr add 2001:D8B8:E89D:389C::1/64 dev tap1
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