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gonna try to explain my situation, i installed Ubuntu One Files in my android phone, and it did sync my pictures with no problem at all, i marked it to upload the pics instantly but only on wi-fi so.. no problem so far.

The thing is.. it only did the auto-upload this only one time.. i have lots of new pics and none are getting uploaded having the wi-fi on of course.

i already tried removing the device and adding it again on ubuntu one config.

i tried installing and uninstalling the app back and forth still no luck.

i even tried just deleting the .bin file that triggers the "a new sd card found" dialog that we get the first time and still no luck

do anyone around have a solution for my situation?

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Slightly different. My phone does sync every time and everything seems to be fine but my windows Ubuntu1 does not sync pictures taken on the phone. I mean they are there and I can view them on the phone app and with browser but the windows version of Ubuntu1 appears to be blind for it.

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