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Is it possible to get Ubuntu to continuously resize a window and it's content? Looking in the CompizConfig Settings Manager under re-size window it has the options: Normal, Outline, Rectangle, Stretch neither of which do this.

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Normal does this.

It's ridiculously CPU-intensive though, which is why it defaults to rectangle.

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Oh, the lag had me thinking it didn't show anything until you let go. I guess I'll have to test my fluid layouts in a virtual machine.. :) – Kit Sunde Aug 14 '11 at 1:36

I know you (Kit Sunde) don't need all this, but for everyone else..

This assumes you have CompizConfig Setting Manager (compizconfig-settings-manager) installed.

  1. Go to System -> Preferences -> CompizConfig Settings Manager if running classic Gnome, or search for CompizConfig Settings Manager in the Dash if running Unity.
  2. Find the Resize Window plugin; it's under Window Management. Open it and go to the General tab. The top setting is Default Resize Mode.

    • Normal resizes the windows content on-the-fly.
    • Outline doesn't change the window until you release it. It shows an empty rectangle to indicate the size the window will be.
    • Rectangle is the same as Outline, except the rectangle is filled in.
    • Stretch doesn't resize the window on-the-fly, but instead stretches the window content as if you were stretching a video.

In all cases, the window content should continue to change as appropriate, e.g. a video will continue playing.

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Normal resize doesn't work well in Ubuntu Classic. See

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