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Something I seem to be missing is when I press backspace the page doesn't go back to the last page as it did in Windows, does anyone have any ways around this?

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There is a Chrome extension to do this. Once installed you need to enable it in its options.

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Please note that the extension requires quite extensive permissions. Clearly, since it has to navigate your history. A little paranoia has never hurt anyone :) Advice to use arrow-workaround ALT+(Left|Right)Arrow – lobner Apr 1 '14 at 2:59



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I don't know if there is a possibility to do that. But I have a workaround which works with every browsers on every platforms: you can use Alt+Left-Arrow to go back. Many applications that offers "navigation" have this shortcut also, so it is a worthy investment to try learning it :) So: Alt+Left-Arrow to go back Alt+Right-Arrow to go forward Very useful :)

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This isn't included by default in Chrome on Linux since this (as I have read somewhere) is "not the Linux way" of navigating. ALT+ or ALT+ can be used for navigating through history.

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I hate all this decisions like the disabling of "one click selects all" in the url bar – Pitto Jun 6 '11 at 8:51

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