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In a dual-monitor setup, moving a window on the left screen to the right side will have a (small) "block" when the window aligns with the left screen's right border. This is useful to position a window at the right-hand side of the left screen.

Now, my left monitor is my primary screen so I have the panels on the left-hand screen. Moving the mouse to the top-right corner where the user menu including logoff/shutdown is, is not so easy because unless I navigate very carefully I usually end up with my mouse on the right screen and have to backtrack.

Is there a feature (I am using gnome3, btw) that allows me to set up some kind of border between the two screens so that it will take just a little bit more effort to move the mouse from left to right screen?

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If you're willing to switch to Unity, it has a new "sticky edges" feature that lets you have some resistance in between monitors so that the mouse doesn't just go across freely. It is in the Displays settings, as demonstrated here:

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