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With only 2 months left, what version of Mesa and will Ubuntu 11.10 use. I ask this because of the changes to Intel graphic cards in the latest ones.

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Target Versions for the 11.10 Oneric Release
   kernel:              3.0.0
   libdrm:              TBD (Probably 2.6.26)
   mesa:                7.11 (Plus updates)
   x-server:            1.10
   xorg:                7.6
   drivers:             TBD (Latest releases by Aug 18)
   gnome libs:          3.2 (GTK3)

Thanks goes out to Bryce Harrington for sending this to the ubuntu-devel mailing list: source:

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That is one good find in the mailing list. – Luis Alvarado Aug 12 '11 at 13:20

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