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Is there any package for a Maven repository manager? I searched for some of the ones I know, but couldn't find any. I'm wondering if they are just not available, if they have names different than what I searched for, or, perhaps, if there's some I may have missed.

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If you use Puppet to manage your infrastructure, you can use a third-party Puppet module to install Archiva. This will take care of adding the required users, databases and configuration based on official release tarballs.

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I don't know know of any Maven repository managers packaged for Ubuntu, but Archiva and possibly others can certainly be deployed on Ubuntu.

Download the standalone version and extract it:

tar -xvzf apache-archiva-1.3.5-bin.tar.gz

To start it run:

./apache-archiva-1.3.5/bin/archiva start

It should then be available at http://localhost:8080/archiva

More advance documentation can be found in the System Administrators Guide to Apache Archiva.

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Yes, of course, but it isn't a package. I can't write package { 'archiva': ensure => installed } in my Puppet configuration to tell it how to build a maven repo server. – Daniel C. Sobral Aug 20 '11 at 19:25

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