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I'm wondering how to change locale (UI gtk) inside local apps to ru_RU for example instead of en_US.

Ror example i install chromium-browser inside client image

chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get -y install chromium-browser
ltsp-update-image --arch=i386

booted from thin client i see LDM in ru_RU lang login to x session (gnome) everything is in ru_RU but trying run

ltsp-localapps chromium-browser

and see chromium with en_US interface...BUT i need in RUSSIAN

i've added file on both host (/etc/default/locale) and thin client image (/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/default/locale) with


but nothing changed

lts.conf also has LDM_LANG=ru_RU.utf-8 in it...

Is it possible to change lang of localapps?

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You need to install also

chromium-browser-l10n (Click to install) then you will have all the languages you need :)

Command line:

apt-get -y install chromium-browser-l10n

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