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I am very bored of the default themes in Ubuntu, not because they are bad just because I get bored easily!

I decided to visit Gnome's Theme library and found a theme I like. I downloaded the theme and tried to use the install feature in the theme panel. As soon as I click okay after finding the theme package my system freezes.

I decided to try the other way and selected open with (Theme installer) which did exactly the same thing.

Is there a terminal command to install themes or a way to reset the theme manager? I am using Natty and Gnome 2.32.1

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You can install a theme from an archive using the command line by running:

tar xavf ARCHIVE -C ~/.themes

(replacing ARCHIVE with the path to the theme archive)

If it is a zip archive, use:

unzip ARCHIVE -d ~/.themes
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If Your PC freezes by installing the themes through Gnome Appearance you'll have to extract the themes to /home/username/.themes/ or /usr/share/themes.

Inside the theme folder there must be 2 folders, gtk-2.0 and metacity.

Also make sure that the file you downloaded contains those folders and is not in this order: file>folder>subfolder>theme, it has to be file>theme>gtk & meta.

Where file is:tar, zip, etc.

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