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I have successfully subscribed to the Ubuntu UK Podcast by giving the RSS-link to Banshee and it works fine.

But the same does not work for the Full Circle Podcast, I have given the RSS-link to Banshee, but the podcast is not added and Banshee only responds with the following error message:

Parsing error updating 

Any recommendations? Is the RSS-feed used by the Full Circle Podcast of a form not accepted by Banshee?

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up vote 4 down vote accepted is an Atom feed, not an RSS feed, and Banshee doesn't currently support Atom feeds.

Anyway, there is an RSS feed for the Full Circle Podcast at

This does work with Banshee.

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You're correct, Banshee doesn't support Atom (yet). I updated the answer with a link to the bug report. – Michael Martin-Smucker Aug 9 '11 at 17:47
@ dv3500ea: Thanks for the answer. The RSS feed for the Full Circle Podcast works as expected. However, this feed gives MP3 files while the Atom feed gives OGG files and I wanted the OGG files ... – mghg Aug 9 '11 at 20:54

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