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I have this file that I got from a friend who says that its the disk image of an android mobile. Doing a file on the image I get the following:-

$ file t.bin 
t.bin: Linux rev 0.0 ext2 filesystem data (mounted or unclean), UUID=badcafee-dead-beef-0000-000000000000

So I try to mount this onto a folder in order to see its contents:-

$ mkdir testmountpoint
$ cd testmountpoint
$ sudo mount t.bin testmountpoint/
mount: /home/developer/analysis/data.bin is not a block device (maybe try `-o loop'?)
$ sudo mount -o loop t.bin testmountpoint/
mount: Stale NFS file handle

How could I go about reading the contents of this disk image?

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file says "mounted or unclean", try to fsck it before mounting. – enzotib Aug 7 '11 at 7:44

There seems to be some information missing from your question, namely how NFS is being used on your system.

Is the file system image stored on an NFS mounted file system?

If so, try copying it to a local file system and then mount it. For example:

cp t.bin /tmp
sudo mount -o loop /tmp/t.bin testmountpoint/

If that still doesn't work, try the next option:

If NFS is not being used on your system

Perhaps there is some inconsistency in the file system image. Try running e2fsck on the image to clean things up. If the image is precious, I would recommend taking a backup of it first.

e2fsck t.bin
sudo mount -o loop t.bin testmountpoint/
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