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Right now I use Liferea, its problem is that the messaging icon does not change when there is a new message:

enter image description here

Is there an RSS reader that integrates better in Unity? My only requirement is:

  • When there is a new message, it should be visible (for instance different colour) without having to click the envelope to check inside the menu.
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Feed Indicator

OmgUbuntu have several web-blogs raving about this particular RSS indicator.

Looks promising.

enter image description here

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I have become addicted to Feed Indicator, it is simple and great! By the way, feeds URLs are saved in .config/feedindicator/feeds.cfg – Nicolas Raoul Jun 15 '12 at 6:47

Another useful RSS notification indicator is "Rss-Aware":

enter image description here

You can see more about it and installation from this link.

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The official website says "For an enhanced version check out Feed Indicator". – Nicolas Raoul Sep 4 '12 at 8:12

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