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I installed Ubuntu Server 10.04 via VirtualBox, yes, the I use virtual machine, cuz I am learning ubuntu. I installed apache webserver by this command:

sude apt-get install apache2

Everything looks okay, no error. Now, how do I test if the apache server is working? Normally in windows OS, after install apache, I go to web browser, point to, and the webpage will display "it works". How do I test my ubuntu server web apache?

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If you want to test your Apache setup from the host machine, you will need to configure your networking in VirtualBox. There is a great tutorial on that here. Then you would point the browser in your host machine to whatever IP address is assigned to the guest.

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Either install a text mode browser like w3m or lynx on your server and use that to connect to localhost, or connect from the outside world to your VirtualBox

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Hi, your second solution: "connect from the outside world to your VirtualBox", how to achieve that? – ubuntuka Aug 3 '11 at 18:45
that depends on your network connection... but for quick test you can install miredo on your server and on your client ( it will give both of them ipv6 adress, so you dont have to setup port forwarding ), then run ifconfig | grep "Scope:Global" on your server to see ipv6 adress... and just copy it to your clients webbrowser. In chromium it will look like http://[2001:15c0:****:***::2] – Denwerko Aug 3 '11 at 18:53
@ubuntuka The solution described in DLH's answer should get you a nretwork connection between host and guest. Just use guest's IP address. – Florian Diesch Aug 3 '11 at 19:14
@all: thanks guys – ubuntuka Aug 4 '11 at 3:02

According to the VirtualBox documentation, you have up to 6 networking modes to choose from:

  1. Not attached - No connection in Guest OS
  2. Network Address Translation (NAT) - Default selection mode, allowing guest connection to access internet
  3. Bridged networking - Allow your Guest OS to connect to the network just like another device in the network. (What I normally use)
  4. Internal networking - Not clear.
  5. Host-only networking - Allow connection between host and guests only.
  6. Generic networking - Not clear.

So if you want to test your Ubuntu Server 10.04 in your VirtualBox, you can choose either Bridged Networking or Host-only Networking.

If you are using the Bridged Networking which I have tested, you will have to find out your Guest OS IP address. In desktop mode, it is as simple as clicking (or right-click) the Network Manager -> Connection Information.

Connection Information

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