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I am new to ubuntu. I am testing it using virtual machine. I have installed 2 ubuntu 10.04, and i want to make 1 act as server and the other as a client. My questions:

  1. How do I add an additional file system and make sure it mount at the boot time. Lets say I want to make it on /newContent directory? (what are the commands?)

  2. How to edit the /etc/exports file, then export /newContent, /newMovies and /backup to my NFS client(use any NFS options).

  3. Lastly, how do I test the mounting of the file system on my client side?

If I could test it successfully:

  1. I want to mount the file systems on client using auto mounter. How to create a new autofs map (lets call it auto.myDocuments) with a mount point of /myDocuments? And the auto.myDocuments map should mount all directories exported the NFS server i.e. newContent, newMovies and back as descendants of /myDocuments.

Thanks =)

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Take a look at this guide.

This is what I used when I started ubuntu back in the day with 06.04. It should have information about everything you want to do. If you get stuck and have a more specific question.. feel free to ask it.

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