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Suppose I have a program which I can install via cabal, for example

cabal install pandoc

Is it possible to use checkinstall to make a .deb package out of this and install it in a second step via dpkg?

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There seems to be a program called "cabal-debian" that converts a cabal file into a debian package (ala checkinstall) and allows you to install it via apt/dpkg. It's provided by the package "haskell-debian-utils". The manpage & description for it can be found at

Looks like running "cabal-debian --debianize --ghc", then "dpkg -i" whatever debs come out will achieve what you want.

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Thanks. How do I use this in my example? How to download the cabal file (for pandoc)? – student Aug 2 '11 at 18:07

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