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I would like to know if it will be possible to restore Windows 7 after removing Recovery partition? I have 2 Recovery DVDs that I've created some time ago but I'm not sure if it's sufficient to restore whole system.

Do I need to keep this partition untouched or maybe I can do recovery in any time with just 2 DVDs I have?

My laptop is Toshiba Satellite A500-1FQ.

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Basically, if you don't have any disks that came with the laptop, then no, not easily.

I would suggest resizing the partitions if possible, there is absolutely no need to delete them. If you don't have any Windows 7 installation disks that came with the laptop, then there is no easy way to get it back.

Your DVDs can be of use, so I would suggest booting off them and seeing whether they still work. As long as you don't remove Windows entirely, you're fine. Otherwise, restoring from those older disks might mean a loss of all Toshiba-preinstalled software.

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Assuming that your Recovery DVDs were created using the one time only method of doing so within Win7 (as your docs/system should have recommended), they should be the equivalent of the Recovery partition. Keep them both just incase you need to recover Windows (after all, one of them could have gone bad such as with a drive failure).

The recovery partition is there to save the OEM some money. Your Recovery DVDs are safer protection for you though they can be damaged as well.

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I recommend you have a look at the Lifehacker article from a while back on dual-booting Ubuntu and Windows 7 in perfect harmony. It's for Ubuntu 9.x but still very relevant. I dual-boot with Win 7 and Ubuntu, have another partition that both of them access where I store my media, and still have the original recovery partition with Win XP; all on a Toshiba NB100 netbook.

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Your recovery dvds should restore all partitions and whole preinstalled system without problems.

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It is possible to get Toshiba to send recovery disks, but they charge for it.

On my laptop (A660) the GRUB menu shows to Windows 7 and a Windows Vista - I think one of these is the recovery partition..

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