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I'm trying to add a slider to an AppIndicator similar to what the Sound Menu has. I've looked trough the code of the Sound Menu and found that I should be using libido-0.1 for that. Here's what I have so far and all I see is a '-' symbol in the menu.

indicator_menu = gtk_menu_new();
ido_slider_widget = ido_scale_menu_item_new_with_range("BRIGHTNESS", IDO_RANGE_STYLE_DEFAULT,  0, 0, 100, 1);
ido_scale_menu_item_set_primary_label(IDO_SCALE_MENU_ITEM(ido_slider_widget), "BRIGHTNESS");
ido_scale_menu_item_set_style(IDO_SCALE_MENU_ITEM(ido_slider_widget), IDO_SCALE_MENU_ITEM_STYLE_LABEL);
ido_scale_menu_item_set_primary_label(IDO_SCALE_MENU_ITEM(ido_slider_widget), " - ");
ido_scale_menu_item_set_secondary_label(IDO_SCALE_MENU_ITEM(ido_slider_widget), " + ");

GtkMenuItem *menu_slider_item = GTK_MENU_ITEM(ido_slider_widget);

gtk_menu_append(indicator_menu, GTK_WIDGET(menu_slider_item));
gtk_menu_append(indicator_menu, gtk_menu_item_new_with_label("dfdsfds"));


app_indicator_set_menu(indicator, GTK_MENU(indicator_menu));

Thank you in advance for any posible answers.

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I've asked the question on the ayatana mailing list and received an answer from Ted Gould:

Unfortunately that's not possible today. It's been our intention to support custom menu items in dbusmenu so that you could do anything that your app needed for your application indicator (including using IDO) but I haven't found the time yet to complete it :-/

So the answer can be closed.

EDIT: In case anyone has further interest in the project they could try contacting Ted to see how they could help out.

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is it still not possible ? – Postadelmaga Feb 24 at 0:33

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