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Hi everyone i need a twitter client that fully integrates with the unity shell and is capable of providing real time updates for my mentions, direct messages etc when minimised

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possible duplicate of Twitter client with Real Time Notifications? – 8128 Jul 11 '12 at 12:08
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From your specifications, I recommend you to use Gwibber, which is default in 11.04.

enter image description here

Integration in Unity:

  • Integrates with Message Indicator

  • Quicklists in the launcher.

  • Real time updating. How*?

Real time updating?

Not by seconds, the minimum is 5 minutes to refresh for tweets and mentions and replies, but seriously do you need it to be faster?It will bring headache:).

And tick show notifications for all messages.

Go to edit ---> preferences ---> set the minimum to 5 minutes. enter image description here

Note: If you really need real time updating; you can use Tweetdeck for desktop, but you need first to install Adobe Air. But it lacks integration with Unity and Ubuntu in general.

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