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Alright i go into the terminal and type in

sudo passwd random-pass
[sudo] password for user:[]

I type whatever password i want in and the insertion point/caret just stays in the same spot. I type and it gets all dodgey so it shows nothing when i type my password

-enter again- (thinking it is fine when the insertion point isnt moving)
Sorry; try again
[sudo] password for user:

It does nothing and i cant process nay commands, well not many throughout the terminal. It is VERY agitating.

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Sorry i had it organized within the body. – Tarridon Jul 27 '11 at 3:38

If you want to change your password, open the About Me control panel, and click the Change Password... button and follow the prompts.

The sudo passwd random-pass command you issued actually means switch to the super user (the sudo bit), and change the password for the random-pass user. The initial password prompt was from sudo and was asking for your current password. If you entered that in correctly, it would then run the passwd command.

If you want to change your own password from the command line, just run passwd by itself with no arguments and not via sudo.

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The cursor doesn't move because people aren't supposed to easily see how long the password is. It is being stored anyway.

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