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I've got a Wacom Bamboo CTH-461 and Ubuntu 11.04. I know, it should work, but it doesn't. In elementary OS it works, but here ... anyone know why? I need it :/

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This device is a 056a:00da device, which should work in 11.04, while the xinput driver doesn't know anything about the CTH-461 it's fairly flexible so long as the kernel driver is working.

See line 1469 of linux-source-2.6.38/drivers/input/tablet/wacom_wac.c:

const struct usb_device_id wacom_ids[] = {
        { USB_DEVICE_WACOM(0x00) },
        { USB_DEVICE_WACOM(0x10) },
        { USB_DEVICE_WACOM(0x11) },
        { USB_DEVICE_WACOM(0xD8) },
        { USB_DEVICE_WACOM(0xDA) },
        { USB_DEVICE_WACOM(0xDB) },
        { USB_DEVICE_WACOM(0xF0) },

Now to get a handle on what your problem is you need to confirm with us that the wacom driver is loaded using the lsmod command. You should see wacom in the list. Next you should report the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log (not all of it) plug and unplug the device to get a fresh set of logs. If nothing appears, report that too.

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