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I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 and using Google Chrome (not Chromium). I just want to use the "app" feature in chrome and I created application shortcuts for Gmail, Google Calendar, and things like that. But the problem is during application switch (ALT + TAB). In that, Chrome's icon is the app icon. For example, when I launch Gmail as a chrome app, the icon is the gmail icon. But that icon is in low-resolution so it kinda makes the view ugly. What I want is I just want to change that icon, but don't know how to do it.

Sorry for my poor English. Thanks.

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Chrome uses a site's favicon for it's application icon. Many of these are low resolution. In this question I link to some resources where you can find higher resolution icons:

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Go to System Settings -> Main Menu Then find your application, perhaps under "Internet" folder, then click properties for that app, and click on the icon, you can then select a different one-

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Look in these areas for better hi-res icons to exchange with the questionable one

Where are Icons and Themes store




as well as some user-specific directories for the user-created themes:



~/pixmaps are generally used for menu icons. ~/share/icons are generally used for theme icons.\

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