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My old tft broke down. I have two actually. I had to replace the main one (originally I had 1980x1200 resolution) with one with 1980x1080. I fixed the resolution in the xorg.conf with the nvidia settings tool.

However unity/gnome doesn't seem to notice the resolution has changed?

Now my unity sidebar is only partially visible on the screen. How can I move it so it is fully visible again? I have not found any settings for that?

Update: Also on the login screen, the bar that would allow me to choose a non-unity classic session is not visible.

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I am pretty sure as the resolution X is running is correct. I fixed that. also see my comment below. but thanks for asking I tried to clarify my post. – Yashima Jul 25 '11 at 13:01
Did you just replace one monitor with another? Have you tried the Monitors utility in System Settings to detect your monitor? If you are using a proprietary driver, like me, you may need to run the settings utility for that driver. In my case it is the NVIDIA X server Settings. It has a feature called X Server Display Configuration with a button to Detect Displays and another to Save to X Configuration file. This is what I would use if I was replacing one monitor with another. There may be a similar utility for your video display driver. Regards. – grahammechanical Jul 25 '11 at 13:01
thanks for tryin to help. i have already run the nividia server settings and it has - after x-restart - recognized the monitor and the changed resolution. I also checked the xorg.conf that the resolution was correctly updated. X is correct. I am having trouble with unity -.- – Yashima Jul 25 '11 at 13:04
yes very definitely. the monitor packaging says 1980x1080 and the nvidia settings tool and xorg.conf say the same. Another weird symptom I am experiencing is that the image of the screen is kind of fuzzy or blurred just as if the resolution really was wrong -.- – Yashima Jul 25 '11 at 13:08
I made one and magically everything is there. I think I am an idiot. I am trying to figure out how to calibrate that monitor. Still the sharpness is another issue I'll have to figure out – Yashima Jul 25 '11 at 13:21
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This sounds like a hardware issue - but some preliminary checks should be made:

  1. Double check the maximum resolution of the monitor via the box it came in/manual
  2. Check if using Nvidia graphics that both nvidia-settings and /etc/xorg.conf resolutions agree with the resolution you were expecting.
  3. Any other graphics cards, have a look at the "Monitor" window - both the monitor should be recognised and the correct resolution displayed.
  4. Double check cabling from the PC to the monitor - could be loose/faulty

Once you are satisfied with these checks - have a look at the Monitor itself.

Most monitors have a button(s) that you can change the position of the screen vertically and horizontally as well as the width and height.

For sharpness issues - look for a setting that says "Auto" or "Fine".

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Thanks :D it turned out that I forgot to check the monitor calibration. I found it when you suggested making a screenshot. Since the screenshot was perfect it could only be the monitor. – Yashima Jul 25 '11 at 14:11

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