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At work I got a new laptop with a full keyboard(it has numpad), but the laptop is not that big, and because of that the keys are relatively small, which means I am constantly finding myself pressing keys accidentally on the numpad part, is there a way to simply disable specific keys that I simply don't want?

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I have the Menu key very close to the control and left-arrow keys.

xmodmap -e 'keycode 135 = 0x0000'

Some references to get around with things.

  1. xev will let you identify the keycode for your key of interest.
    Look at its man page, This is a good quick reference too,
    Mediakeys with .Xmodmap HOWTO
  2. ArchWiki has a good description for xmodmap
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what can I do to disable '/' key? – shravan Jul 19 at 7:06

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