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After adding then removing a fourth extension from my panel in Chromium, all but the first extension are hidden in a menu like so:

I've tried dragging the address bar to the left and the icons reappear, but the bar snaps back when I let go.

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Is there a link "show button" at the bottom of those extensions in the extension page? – Allan Jul 23 '11 at 13:38
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From your image , it appears that you are using a development version of Chromium.

You can simply click and resize as in this picture:

enter image description here

See how my extensions look like after dragging the bar to the left:

enter image description here

Now to the right:

enter image description here

Note that you can hide any extensions that you don't want:

enter image description here

And you can restore it back , from the extensions, in the wrench menu.

Edit: I missed that you have tried to drag it. I used to have this problem. What I did is that I hid all of the extensions and enabled them again from the extensions settings.

Also make sure to have the latest daily updates. Otherwise switch to a stable version. ( because maybe it's a bug).

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