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Is there a way to roll back a LTS Maintenance Upgrade to the previous version, say from 10.04.02 LTS from 10.04.03 LTS ?

I am not facing a problem now, but need to figure out means to back out the packages before I rollover to 10.04.03 LTS on my server, in case of any need.

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The only way I'd do that is with a full backup of the hdd. Trying to downgrade in apt is too risky/painful. – user606723 Jul 22 '11 at 20:00

Note that the point releases of 10.04 are just roll-ups of the packages from the security and updates archives. If you have been regularly applying the updates to your server (which is the recommended behaviour), you are probably already at the new point release.

If you have upgraded to a package that is causing you problems, you can downgrade a package. You can discover what versions of a package are available with the following command:

apt-cache policy PACKAGE_NAME

Note the version numbers it lists for each archive. You can install a specific version of a package with the following command:

sudo apt-get install PACKAGE_NAME=VERSION_NUMBER

You will be warned that you are downgrading the package.

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As per my understanding point releases are for updating patches in more systematic fashion on production like servers. So I do point release upgrades on my servers so that I can evaluate any impact. Now if I am facing a problem when I do an update, I would need to roll back. Since I am upgrading multiple packages in a point release upgrade, I do not know how I can identify a specific package easily. So I was looking for an option to roll back all 'recently' upgraded packages to previous version. (Compare with IBM AIX Apply and revert of an SP, if you are aware). – Jamess Jul 25 '11 at 15:40
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There is no one step process to roll-back all the updates done in a point release to the previous one. We will need to track and revert each of the updates.

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