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I have had the thought of adding a single icon/launcher to my unity launcher. just a single icon that when clicked or right click it shows the mounted drives in a quicklist and allows me to open the drive/device {even if clicking does nothing and the only way to get the quickest or menu is to right click the the icon would be super} I was thinking maybe creating a .desktop file and use a script to do the dirty work would be a way to achieve this. It does not have to be anything fancy I'd just like to try and get something that will do the job. I'm thinking just a single icon on the launcher that does nothing when clicked but right clicking it shows a quicklist of all mounted drives would be the easiest way?. I am only new to ubuntu and linux and I would like to ask if someone would be kind enough to please try their best to help and make this idea work? as I'm sure there has to be a way it can be done, as I said before it don't have to be fancy at all, if it's crude but works that is fine by me.

thank you for your time


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This is the closest a user got:… (scripts reads your bookmarks and adds them to home-quicklist). – Rinzwind Jul 22 '11 at 10:44
@Rinzwind thanks for your input mate!. would you be able to guide me through how to alter that script to work with usb drives at all please? – Roo79x Jul 23 '11 at 11:58
It's not what you are looking for, but maybe these indicator-apps might interest you: USB-safe-removal and Places Indicator – marto Mar 30 '12 at 1:29

While this would be a useful tool at present this functionality is not available in Unity.

As such this is better addressed as a feature request and I would look at the Unity Get Involved page for ideas on how best to help and put your idea forward.

You can also join the Ayatana mailing list and contribute ideas etc.

Another good site is Ubuntu Brainstorm which is a popular source for feature requests.

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