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I wonder there may be a tool which is also beneficial for linux ? To be specific, I am searching an answer to

Is there an application among all windows system applications which is also help to repair linux error, bugs, clean unnecessary file(s) or make our life better ?

If there is no, please write your explanation.

like these are two different system, they do not use a same architecture. So, you cannot find.

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No, some windows applications can be run through WINE a Windows Emulator, but since Linux uses a vastly different file system etc. these programs will not be able to make any system changes and only interact on a very basic level with the Linux system.

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Ubuntu Tweak is a good deal. With it you can clean package cache, obsolet packages, obsolete config files. It allows you also easily install/purge PPAs or external repos. By the way, in Linux you probably will have less "manteinance" problems. There is not a registry to clean, neither a disk to defrag, and if you use massively deb packaging you will not have dependencies/update/conflict problems. Anyway, main problems may be :

  1. Broken dependencies -> You can solve them easily using apt-get, dpkg or if you prefer a GUI then use Synaptic
  2. Misconfiguration Problems : Here everything is based on local config files, so if you have some problems you can try editing them, or wiping them out (if you can do that).

  3. Auto-compiling Problems-> If you compile / install software by yourself (that is not a deb) you will have to keep account of its configuration, its updates and solve conflicts.

Hope this will help ;)

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i don't think this is what Juan is after –  Dirk Hartzer Waldeck Jul 21 '11 at 9:20
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