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The java/flash plugin support in the browsers seems a little iffy (not to mention hard to configure.) My specific question is, is it possible to kill the flash/java PID and restart the process? Anyone know how to ID these plugin processes? I've closed out the browser and reopened, it doesn't seem to die with them. Is flash persistent?

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Flash typically isn't persistent but can hang. For Chrome and Firefox (at least) the Flash plugin runs under the following guise (If you're using flashplayer-nonfree):

/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer.bin --plugin /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/ --connection /org/wrapper/NSPlugins/

To find the pid you could simply run the following from the command line:

ps -aef | grep flashplayer

This should produce an eight columned list. The second and third columns are the pid and parent pid (respectively) so you should be able to just run kill <pid> replacing the bracketed pid with the numerical PID.

As for restarting the flashplayer plugin it should automatically start up again on the next invocation (or refresh) of a page requiring flash.

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This has changed in the latest release to /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.10/plugin-container but the ps command stands. – Oli Oct 9 '10 at 12:12
When I try this the pid increments (by 2) on each ps -aef query, and isn't found when I try to kill it... Its parent pid persists though – Louis Maddox Mar 19 '15 at 19:29

I generally get rid of poorly behaved flash processes with 'killall npviewer.bin'. It will usually reload with a refresh.

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