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weird screen

I got this after upgrading to 11.04 with some issues. It must be tty7, since Ctrl+Alt+7 does nothing. I can change to tty[0-6] to make the screen look normal, and changing back makes the screen black.

What is happening here? It's like it thinks I have X installed.


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Temporarily edit your grub boot settting: remove vga=something and replace it with nomodeset. If you can boot normally to the desktop, do your troubleshooting and perhaps install/uninstall proprietary graphics driver or maybe remove any unsuitable graphics option.

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No desktop, no graphics drivers, no X. This is (most of the time) a headless server ;-) But I will try nomodereset. – Znarkus Jul 20 '11 at 18:12
The kernel now has KMS (kernel mode setting), that uses the in-kernel graphics drivers to attempt to initialise any discovered graphics hardware. If your device has a graphics adaptor (likely, as you've attached it to the monitor), the kernel will try to do something (although it may not select the optimal driver, or may be hopelessly confused). – Emmet Hikory Jul 21 '11 at 2:45

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