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What is the shortcut to insert special characters in OpenOffice? In MS Word we type Alt-0-1-8-8 to insert krutidev10. This shortcut is very important for us to be able to work quickly.

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Does this work for you?… – Jorge Castro Jul 19 '11 at 18:10

You can enter unicode codepoints by pressing Ctrl-Shift-u and then the codepoint you want to use. So if you type Ctrl-Shift-u 0 1 8 8, you will see an underlined u0188 and then press enter and you will see ƈ.

Alternatively, you may want to check out the compose key, which will probably let you type faster. (System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layouts -> Options -> Compose Key, select a key to use, then press Close, and type in the test box to see how it works. E.g. Compose ' c will produce ć, same as above only with fewer keystrokes.

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I believe that the answer was posted in:

alt key codes on Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't work [closed]

The answer was:

See this It answers your question. – Luke

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