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I have problem with my shortcut keys for cut, copy, and paste. they does not work on Netbeans and some other applications. I have to click the right mouse button and select the operations from the context menu.

I thought this problem comes from Unity, so I switch to the classic GNOME session, but this didn't help.

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Could you please tell us more about your setup and when your problems started? – N.N. Jul 17 '11 at 9:07
Can you tell us those 'some other apps'? Installing Netbeans is pretty heavy when trying to reproduce your problem. :) – htorque Jul 17 '11 at 9:24
@htorque I notice the problem in two Apps so far , Netbeans , and Second Life game . – Mohand Andel Jul 18 '11 at 16:45
@N.N. I could not remember when it's started :( – Mohand Andel Jul 18 '11 at 16:47

Each application is independently responsible for binding keystrokes to specific operations. While there are conventions (e.g. Ctrl+C is sometimes copy), sometimes different choices are made (e.g. Ctrl+C is sometimes EOT (end of text)).

Applications that are made for a given desktop environment (e.g. gedit Text Editor for GNOME) are very likely to inherit keybindings for that environment, but applications that use different frameworks (e.g. Netbeans for GNOME) are less likely to do so, although some conventions may be followed (i.e. Ctrl+C is copy for both gedit and Netbeans).

Some applications or frameworks may support additional keysyms (like XF86Copy for copy in gedit Text Editor (usually a dedicated Copy on the keyboard), whereas others will not (Netbeans ignores XF86Copy). If you have customised keymappings, or complex input devices with special signals (like Copy), you may need to configure support separately in separate applications.

If a specific application does not support some key, and does not offer a way to configure a keybinding for that key, please file a bug requesting support for the appropriate keybinding.

If a specific application does not support some key, and does offer a way to configure a keybinding for that key, consider opening a bug to modify the default configuration to support that key, if you believe this would be a common keybinding, to be expected by default.

If you have specialised input needs (you do not believe that others will want this keybinding), and the application does not offer a means to configure the keybindings, you might open a bug requesting support for configurable keybindings.

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I have found The solution Accidentally. So I Decided to post it here to help people who have same problem

the problem occurs when you have two layouts Keyboard and the first layout is not English

so to solve the problem you have to move English up . that is it ^_^

and thanks to Emmet Hikory ,N.N , and htorque for trying to help me

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