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Yes, My new Logitech K750 works allright when my OS (Ubuntu 11.04) is up.

But there's only one thing: when booting and going into the GRUB2 bootloader, I can't select options by using the arrow keys, nor can I use the 'e' for editing.

Especially annoying if one has a second OS to choose from.

Does anyone has a solution for this flaw? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks a lot, Takkat! The trick was indeed to change the Bios setting from 'USB keyboard disabled' to 'enabled'. It would take me a lot of time to even think of finding the solution in the BIOS (although an obvious place to start looking). I'll keep that in mind for a possible next time. Thanks again! Cheers. – Job Jalink Jul 18 '11 at 19:09
@Takkat - can you convert your comment to an answer so I can upvote it – Mark Rooney Mar 2 '12 at 10:10

Sometimes we need to make appropriate BIOS settings to enable support for an USB keyboard.

Search for something like

USB Device Legacy Support

to enable this option.

Note: you may eventually need an old PS/2 keyboard to be able to browse the BIOS settings.

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