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I just installed Xubuntu as my primary and only OS. In my opinion, its not only Xubuntu, but all Ubuntu family. You see, before I installed Xubuntu, I had Ubuntu as Live CD to try it... it end up with the same problem.

Problem is that after compiling firmware for Wusb600n v2, installing it and making system recognize it, rebooting... trying to connect network... few minutes: My monitor show something like this...

Screen is going crazy - #1. Screen is going crazy - #2.

What could cause such behavior? I just tried to connect to wi-fi network! Maybe this is because of my drivers. You see, there are no drivers! Just this one for Wusb600n v2 and native Linux drivers or whatever.

If so, I see two options:

  • Get files for correct drivers from another computer and then... install them on my computer.
  • Somehow turn off all fancy (if default desktop calls as fancy) effects and then... try again.

What do you suggest? I'm not so good at Linux... so I'm just guessing. Thanks in advice!

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