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I've installed the OSS backend from a deb64 package. And the sound in ubuntu is disappeared... Seems the audio card (hda nvidia) is not recognized anymore... What can I do?


Sound now works, but OSS still don't... It seems to work not very well with ubuntu (also if it is shown in control panel).

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sounds like a complaint veiled as a question, frowned upon per the faq. It's possible to get it working, but sound has always been sketchy on linux. OSS works with hda-intel on my laptop with very little tweaking. – RobotHumans Jul 16 '11 at 13:11
Sometimes sound has problems (I've to restart the deamon) also with ALSA and Pulseaudio... The OSS never worked to me on hda-nvidia audio – Hadden Jul 17 '11 at 18:22

OSS is no longer supported by Ubuntu

Canonical/Ubuntu has chosen to disable OSS support in their kernels and ignore any bugs filed against OSS4 packages. If you're considering using OSS4, you should probably use another Linux distro like Arch Linux.

It also may be likely your hardware does not support OSS, you can find the list of supported hardware here

If you really want to try to install and get OSS working you should have a read of the Ubuntu Wiki Documentation for OpenSound

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