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I tried to install nfs using sudo apt-get install nfs-server (for the purpose of streaming audio files to a Mac running OS 10.6) and discovered that I have two packages to choose between.

Package nfs-server is a virtual package provided by:
  nfs-kernel-server 1:1.2.0-4ubuntu4.1
  unfs3 0.9.22+dfsg-2
You should explicitly select one to install.

Is there any particular reason to choose unfs3 over nfs-kernel server? Is it faster or slower? More or less stable? Does it matter at all?

Apart from the fact that I will be streaming some fairly large files (flac), I will be doing nothing out of the ordinary. It's on a closed network so there are no security concerns.

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UNFS3 is a user-space implementation of the NFSv3 server specification. It provides a daemon for the MOUNT and NFS protocols, which are used by NFS clients for accessing files on the server

UNFS3 being user space based, and not widely deployed, I wouldn't really trust it. nfs-kernel-server is linux's standard nfs server

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Not widely deployed and, I take it, therefore not as thoroughly tested. nfs-kernel-server it is then. – senderle Jul 16 '11 at 17:06

nfs-kernel-server is my choice and the recommended default server. It supports both NFSv3 and v4 and always works well for me. I believe unfs3 only supports v3.

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