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Is there any way to use wget to download a file from my Ubuntu One Account/Online Storage?

say I try wget it should download the file called "wget-u1-test-doc.txt" but all I get is a file index.html.

for now I'm using a dropbox account to do this job instead of ubuntu one.

I'm playing around with some post install scripts {I'm trying to teach myself some things} on ubuntu in virtualbox oneiric and natty so I may install ubuntu then after a while do a clean install and start from fresh. the scripts mainly just download and install customized .desktop files for the unity launcher and put them in the right places. this is so I don't have to keep doing it manually every time. and I find it a fun way to learn not only scripting but ubuntu as well.

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Use wget's --content-disposition option:

$ wget -nv --content-disposition
2011-07-15 17:31:47 URL: [143/143] -> "wget-u1-test-doc.txt" [1]
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Thank you so much! I still have so much to learn :-) just when I think I am slowly getting a grip on things, something new pops up. thanks again – Roo79x Jul 16 '11 at 1:53

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